3 homemade recipes for dry damaged hair this summer: How to get silky smooth and shiny hair at home with natural ingredients
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Keep your hair healthy this summer season by using some food items hanging around your kitchen!
In addition to a healthy diet, you can also give your locks a little extra TLC from the outside in. To keep your hair as fabulous as ever, all it takes is a few minutes of prep time and a bit of waiting for these super simple DIY recipes. Of course, when hair is damaged, the only way to get rid of split ends is a hair cut, so we recommend booking in every 3-4 months to keep dead ends at bay and use these awesome treatments in between appointments.
Now for the recipes!
  • Avocado Shine Booster – mash 1 avocado and apply to wet hair. Leave for 20 minutes and rinse several times. Rinse with cool water for extra shine.
  • Coconut Deep-Conditioning Mask – Apply coconut oil to dry hair, completely saturate. Leave as long as possible, overnight is great just wrap your hair in a towel. Shampoo twice and condition as usual. Voila! Beautiful silky, smooth, soft hair.
  • Banana Vitamin-Boost Mask – Mash a well-ripened banana and generously spread all over your head. Your scalp will absorb a bunch of vitamins and minerals to help it grow healthy.
Of course, homemade recipes aren’t the end all be all, they’re a bit messy and not always convenient. That’s why you can always skip the DIY route and come see us instead! Our salon deep conditioning treatment is always a good idea, I mean who doesn’t love a good head massage right?
Happy conditioning everyone!
The LUV Team <3
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